guéri-guéri – the wuhan sticks

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Effective wuhan guéri-guéri sticks ( gri-gri*) in silver or 18 carat gold

Offers 97.5% mental protection

The guéri-guéri wuhan sticks are a carefully designed gri-gri for mental protection.

Using reliable technology, it is easy and securely attachable to the human ear, by simply piercing through available ear-ring holes, and applying a safe locking mechanism.

The guéri-guéri wuhan sticks are individually crafted, from a 3d created matrix.

The main active elements are produced from 92.5 % high quality recyclable silver, to ensure high visibility. Secure fixation is ensured with reliable locking mechanisms .

There is a premium gold-edition available, made entirely of solid 750-grade recyclable gold, provided with a select silicone-type lock.

The guéri-guéri wuhan sticks give a 97.5% mental protection for any Wuhan related duress (α-ω) – when applied correctly.

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bright silver, oxydized silver, 18 carat gold